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Health InSys (Health Inspection System)

Published on December 2014 by Halima Khamis Salim Al Kahhali, S. Hameetha Begum
Majan College International Conference
Foundation of Computer Science USA
MIC - Number 1
December 2014
Authors: Halima Khamis Salim Al Kahhali, S. Hameetha Begum

Halima Khamis Salim Al Kahhali, S. Hameetha Begum . Health InSys (Health Inspection System). Majan College International Conference. MIC, 1 (December 2014), 11-16.

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%1 Majan College International Conference
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%A S. Hameetha Begum
%T Health InSys (Health Inspection System)
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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

This project title Health InSys (Health Inspection System) is a project to help the Municipality staff during their health inspection visit. Commercial shop visits can be streamlined on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and avoid creating havoc and round trips. Municipality is responsible to check by visiting the shops & the properties that its activities involve in foods and public health to insuring the application of hygiene conditions in Oman. I have used Microsoft . Net Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Android SDK, Eclipse and MySql Database to develop my project. Here, I have two modules Inspector Module and Administrator Module according to the requirements. Inspector Module will use the Android based Mobile to update the Inspection details and Establishment details. In addition to that they can view the Inspection schedule list, Establishment List and Inspection List. Administrator Module will use the web based application through which they can add, update, view and delete all the Information and they can able to take necessary reports.

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